Resident Water Champion - Kevin

With a garden made up of exotics, natives and lawn, Kevin was able to use the Garden Tune Up to set a more water efficient schedule based on the needs of each plant type. "Our water bill was getting higher and higher so we wanted to try and make some savings. We had our irrigation schedule adjusted to give our plants just the right amount of water to stay healthy."

Dan from Down 2 Earth Gardens and Landscapes provided Kevin with great water savings tips for the garden, some of which Kevin's son Andrew was able to use as part of his school assignment. Kevin and his family now water less often, but for longer each time, which encourages deeper root growth. They have saved $300 off their annual water bill.

Find out how you can save water in your garden by adjusting your irrigation for the seasons.

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In the Wet season, there is really only one irrigation rule of thumb. Turn it off when it rains! However, keep an eye on your garden and only water it if it looks really thirsty.