Watering your garden the right amount

There’s a long-standing myth that Darwin’s water supply is unlimited. But the reality is that we’re currently using more water than can be captured and supplied. Over irrigating is a big contributor, and doesn't do your garden any favours.

When watering the garden, less really is more. But if you’re unsure (as most of us are) and are over watering just to be on the safe side, take a minute to read our advice on how to plan your watering schedule according to the time of year. Your garden and your water bill will thank you for it.

Seasonal advice

Wet season - December to March

There is really only one irrigation rule of thumb. Turn it off when it rains - but make sure you keep an eye on your garden and water it if it looks really thirsty.

Here are some other ways your garden can get the most out of the wet season:

  • Keep an eye on your irrigation system after a storm. Lightning strikes can burn out underground wiring.
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch! In the wet season mulch is essential to keep plant roots cool, water in the soil and weeds down - whilst preventing water logging (just remember, mulch pushed against tree trunks can encourage rotting during the wet, so make sure there is space around the trunk to allow for airflow).
  • In the wet, everything thrives - including pests! Keep a close eye on your garden and chat to your local garden supply store if you notice anything unusual!
  • For those that love 'growing your own' - don't forget that the end of the wet season is a good time to get veggies beds ready for planting.

Dry season - April to November

Use the 3, 2, 1 watering guide in the dry:  

  • 3:  Water your lawn three times a week
  • 2:  Water your garden beds twice a week
  • 1:  Water natives just once a week
  • Apply 10 mm of water each time your irrigate

Find out more here about just how much water your garden needs.  

Dry season is the perfect time to check your system for leaks and inspect your dripper system for blocked or blown drippers. It’s also a good time to do your garden maintenance - mulch garden beds, prune plants that need it, re-pot plants and fertilise.