Welcome to Darwin's Weather Web

We’re so pleased you’re interested in making smart decisions about watering your garden based on rainfall in your suburb.

Our site is undergoing some maintenance at the moment and some of our weather stations may not be available. 


Darwin’s Weather Web is a network of weather stations located on schools around the Darwin region.  Use the Weather Web to help you make smart decisions about watering your garden, based on the rainfall in or nearby your suburb.

How to use the Weather Web

Step 1:  Search your suburb using the search bar, or click on the pink circles in the map below which will reveal your closet weather stations.
Step 2:  Check the amount of rainfall in your nearest suburb and find out if you need to irrigate or not!
Step 3:  Turn your irrigation ON or OFF according to your rainfall result. If you have a smart irrigation controller, connect it to the Weather Web and your irrigation will turn on or off automatically.

Your suburb has had less than 30 mm of rain in the last week and your plants may still need a drink

Your suburb has had more than 30 mm of rain in the last week and you can turn off your irrigation for a couple of days