Resident Water Champion – Jackie

Ever wondered what your irrigation system is getting up to when you're not at home? Turns out Jackie's sprinklers weren't doing what they were supposed to and she was over watering. "The Garden Tune Up brought to my attention a number of issues I wasn't aware of. My irrigation was coming on when I wasn't at home so I had no idea how much water I was using, or what plants were actually being watered".

"Gareth from Acreage Maintenance Specialists taught me how to use my irrigation equipment so that I knew what to do if things go wrong in the future. This gave me the confidence to use the equipment and be able to make my own adjustments for the wet and dry seasons".

By watering every second day and making small adjustments to her system, Jackie has managed to use around half the amount of water while still having a healthy garden, saving over $1700 from her annual water bill.

Not sure how much to water your garden really needs? Use the 3, 2, 1 rule for irrigating during the dry:

  • 3: Water your lawn three times a week
  • 2: Water your garden twice a week
  • 1: Water your natives just once a week

To book a Garden Tune Up call one of our registered irrigation specialists direct.

During the Dry Season your lawns, garden beds and native plants have to deal with six to seven [...]