Follow the 3, 2, 1 watering guide in the Dry Season

During the Dry Season your lawns, garden beds and native plants have to deal with six to seven months of no rain at all, so it is important to know how to keep them healthy without over watering.  When setting the watering schedules for your irrigation system zones, consider what plant types you are watering and follow the 3, 2, 1 Guide: 

3: Water LAWN three times a week.

2: Water your GARDEN twice a week.

1: Water NATIVE PLANTS just once a week or less.

All gardens are different however, so below are some tips to help you make the best water wise decisions while still keeping your garden beautiful and healthy.

What time of day should I water?

Water after 8pm and before 6am to avoid evaporation during the heat of the day.

Do you have an automated irrigation system?

An automated irrigation system will save you time and money allowing you to easily control the amount and frequency of water that your garden receives.  Consider getting an irrigation expert to install or upgrade your irrigation system – they know the latest in irrigation advice, materials and technology.  

Have you considered smart irrigation technology?

Consider installing a smart irrigation controller.  These automatically adjust your watering based on accurate local weather data.  You can program the controller based on your garden’s needs. As the weather changes, your irrigation controller will update and apply the precise amount of water required for your garden.

What about when plants are young?

When a plant is young it is important to water more often to help them develop a deep root system and set them up for success. Plants with large healthy root systems are the survivors when the going gets tough.

What about seasonality?

Adjust your irrigation schedule according to the seasons.  As it comes into the late Dry season keep an eye on your garden and if your plants are wilting give them an extra drink.  Once the rains of the Wet season really kick in turn your irrigation off and let nature do the watering saving you water and money!

Did you know that over watering can kill your plants? 

The reason being is that plants need to breathe. They breathe through their roots and when there is too much water, the roots cannot take in gases. So the plant actually slowly suffocates when there is too much water.  Here are some signs of overwatering to look out for:

  • Lower leaves are yellow
  • Plant looks wilted
  • Roots will be rotting or stunted
  • No new growth
  • Young leaves will turn brown
  • Soil will appear green (which is algae)