Select the right plants for your garden and climate

When planning your garden, selecting plants that thrive in conditions that change from months of drought to months of heavy monsoonal rain is a must!  Luckily, there are some beautiful options, that are also water efficient, to choose from.  To save you scouring the web for information, Living Water Smart has compiled two documents, one which lists native plants and the other exotic plants.

When considering your plant selection, it's very important to factor in the impact plants can have during a cyclone.  Much of Darwin has shallow soil over rock resulting in tree roots spreading wide rather than reaching down and anchoring into the earth.  This can result in some large tree species causing destruction to infrastructure during a cyclone or large storm.  You should always consider how tall a tree will grow, what their root systems are typically like and where you are planting them - it's a good idea not to plant large trees near your home or shed.  

These PDF's include images, descriptions, sizes and water requirements to help you safely plan and maintain your garden.

Link to PDF of native plants

Link to PDF of exotic plants

Don't forget, if you'd like some advise about keeping your garden and lawns healthy, hydro-zoning, irrigation scheduling and plant types book a free Garden Tune Up.