Jack's dynamic garden tips

Meet Jack from Water Dynamics...

Jack’s been enjoying everything the Territory has to offer for the last 30 years, in particular the great landscapes and amazing dry seasons of Darwin.

He’s qualified in irrigation and horticulture, but his main game is maintenance and installation. And his favourite part about what he does?

"It’s the industry variety and the great outdoors!"

When he’s not out enjoying the Darwin dry season lifestyle you’ll find him on a different kind of turf, the Fannie Bay Race Course, where Jack works as a race day starter.

Jack’s dynamic garden tips:

What is your favourite plant and why?

Codiaeum /Croton due to so many varieties and colours.

What is your best tip for a water efficient garden in the dry season?

Deeper watering for less often.

What is your best tip for a water efficient garden in the build-up?

Be sure to fertilise and mulch your garden.

What is your best tip for the garden in the wet season?

Run your irrigation every so often to keep things lubricated and to flush out the ants.

Fun fact (about yourself or the team)?

Everyone looks forward to 4.30pm Friday to have a chat and a frothy.

Name one item on your bucket list?

To go to the United States.

Anything extra you would like to add about gardens that you think could benefit the community?

Whether it be your irrigation or pruning your plants, regular garden maintenance is a must.

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