Smart irrigation controllers – what’s the big deal?

Do you already have an automated irrigation system and can’t figure out what the big deal is about smart irrigation controllers

Well, you’re not alone; we get asked this question all the time!  And luckily, we have a really simple answer – the big deal is that a smart irrigation controller will save you water, money and time and should lead to a healthier garden!  You have to be happy with that.  Of course there is always more to the story, so read on below to find out if a smart controller will work for you.

What are the benefits of a smart irrigation controller?

As we all become busier in our daily lives, smart controllers can help intelligently automate what can sometimes be a confusing and complicated task.  Rather than adjusting our irrigation on a weekly, fortnightly or just biannual basis, smart controllers will automatically adjust every day based on localised weather information (such as rainfall, temperature, wind and evaporation).  This will reduce water use by at least 20%, often up to 50%, which will save you money! You can keep an eye on the weather in or near your suburb via the Weather Web, a network of over 30 weather stations located throughout Darwin providing a fantastic resource for smart irrigation controllers to connect to.  

Whilst it is easy to see the effects of under-watering, it is often not so easy to see the effects of over-watering.  Yet the negative effects can be just as detrimental to your garden and the continual run-off means wasted water and nutrients down the drain.  

Another benefit is that smart irrigation controllers have an easy and accessible web portal controller that can be accessed via a tablet, smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world!  Just imagine being on holidays on the other side of the world and having the ability to adjust your irrigation.

Smart controllers have additional capabilities such as flow monitoring, zone shutdown and email/SMS alerts for leaks and broken pipes (great for those night time irrigation faults that can go unnoticed). There are also faulty wiring alerts for valve malfunctions which are a common cause of hard to find leaks within irrigation systems

The other good news is that they don't cost much more than a standard irrigation controller, most cost from $200 - $600.  Ask you local irrigation expert for more advice.  

An online tool that provide a fantastic resource of localised weather data, helping you to make smart decisions about efficient watering in the garden, based on the rainfall in your suburb.