That's My Water! teaching Darwin's youngest residents

That’s My Water! is helping some of Darwin’s youngest residents understand why it’s important to live water smart in Darwin. 

That’s My Water! is a collaboration between Living Water Smart and a number of Darwin primary schools.  This STEM curriculum unit is targeted to Year 5/6 students and brings the expertise and resources of Living Water Smart into the classroom to improve students’ knowledge and awareness of a genuine issue for the Darwin region.

Click on the below video link to hear from students and teachers about their experiences about That’s My Water!

Interested in your school taking part in That’s My Water!?  Great, read a bit more about the curriculum below and be sure to contact to find out more. 

That's My Water! is a 10 week, STEM based integrated unit that allows students and teachers to work alongside industry professionals to address an authentic local issue - water use, including supply, demand and efficiency in the Darwin region.

The unit includes all curriculum materials, teaching resources and assessment tasks, as well as provided structured opportunities to connect with professionals such as engineers and scientists.

What’s in it for the school and students?

1) Take part in an authentic, local learning opportunity.

2) Strengthen connections between parents, the school community and broader Darwin.

3) Improve sustainability awareness, attitudes and practices.

4) Gain access to industry resources, both personnel and infrastructure.

One of the unique aspects of this collaboration is the opportunity to work directly with an audience beyond the classroom. Community consultation is embedded throughout this unit.  Living Water Smart will work closely with the school communities to understand their attitude, behaviour and knowledge towards water consumption.

Over 200 Darwin students from three local Darwin primary schools learnt innovative ways to conserve [...]