Jingili Primary School participates in That’s My Water!

In 2016, Jingili Primary School took part in That’s My Water!  - a unit of work mapped to the Australian Curriculum and developed in consultation with principals and teachers that empowers kids to explore where our water comes from and work out for themselves just how important  it is for us to use it wisely.  Living Water Smart collaborates with local primary schools to deliver this valuable grade 5/6 curriculum teaching students firsthand with expert guests, classwork and fieldtrips. 

If you’re interested in your school getting involved in 2018 then send Living Water Smart an expression of interest to joel.spry@powerwater.com.au.

Read below for some wonderful feedback from Yvonne, a teacher at Jingili Primary School – here’s a shout out to all the kids, teachers and families from this wonderful school community! 

That’s My Water! An invigorating and informative unit of work! This comprehensive and resourceful unit provided the teacher and students with rich and enlightening learning experiences to develop an understanding of, and an appreciation for how precious this natural resource is and how essential water is to life! Through investigations and inquiry-based learning experiences, excursions, incursions and visits from experts examining the local environment the students explored how water is used, where water comes from and how to use it responsibly!

Students were encouraged to engage in discussions about living sustainably. Through their learning, they developed knowledge, skills and values about sustainability, learning how to become more water wise and what actions they can take in the conservation of water - beginning from their home, to their school and to the wider community.

Every learning experience was valuable, but the highlights of That’s My Water! were the excursion to the Ludmilla Wastewater Treatment Plant and having the experts come to our school to share their expertise on matters of water. I strongly believe That’s My Water! had a great impact on the teachers, the students and their families providing knowledge and insight about the amount of water they use and how we can all live more sustainably by adopting more effective ways to reduce the amount of water we use.

Personally, I found That’s My Water! to be a comprehensive, resourceful and exciting unit of work. It provided me as a teacher a clear outline of the intentions of the learning journey. The lesson plans and resources were of substance and very interesting, and kept the students engaged! The assessment tasks were very enticing, encouraging the students to be creative and assuring them that their ideas, beliefs and opinions did matter…and they could make a difference in this great movement of the conservation of our precious water!

Joel, it was a great pleasure working with you and the rest of the team in delivering this great program - That’s My Water! Thank you for giving our school this opportunity to be a part of it!!!

Yvonne, teacher at Jingili Primary School