Resident Water Champion - Tim

The wet season is a great time to save water in the garden and reduce your annual water bill, and Tim from Nightcliff is doing just that!  

“I have got my irrigation schedule down to one day a week and my garden is still looking great even with the low rainfall this wet! 

“We simply don't need to use so much water, and we get to save on our bills”.

Reducing or turning off your irrigation doesn’t have to result in a dull garden, it’s about keeping your garden looking good and healthy without overwatering. Tim was keen to learn more by having a free Garden Tune Up with Living Water Smart.

“The Garden Tune Up was a real education. The team from Down2Earth Gardens and Landscapes really opened my eyes to the diversity in my garden and how a gardens micro ecosystem works.

“They taught me how to group plants together that have similar watering needs, and to plant the next generation of new plants now so they can take advantage of the rain when it comes”.

Keen to find out how else he could save water in his garden, Tim learnt the importance of working with, and not against, Darwin’s tropical climate.

“I learnt that it is ridiculous using so much water in your garden and to work with the tropical climate, cultivating a range of beautiful native plants that aren't water greedy.

“Reducing how much water you use also encourages plants to develop deeper roots to search for water themselves. This prevents creating the 'false economy' of watering at surface level. 

“They even fixed a couple of irrigation leaks that would have been costing me a bob!”

Congratulations Tim! You are a water saving champion.