Investigate leaks at your business

A scheduled leak check of all your fixtures and toilets is a good way to ensure those small leaks don’t turn into big ones. For example, by the time you hear a toilet running it could be costing you $20 week!  Do you know how to check for leaks?  The 3-Step Leak Check is easy to follow and could save you a bucket!  Don't forget to schedule your leak checks and make them part of your routine maintenance.  

Underground leaks are tricky. You could be losing up to 2,000 litres per hour and not see a drop on the surface. A useful tool in tracking down hidden leaks is water valves. Valves allow you to easily section off water to different parts of your property and effectively locate areas that are potentially leaking. They also allow you to turn water off to one part of your property for repair, without interrupting supply to the rest of your business.

It is a good idea to check your water main plans to determine if and where you have any valves already installed. If you do not have a good system of valves, talk to your plumber about the best places to install them.  Once installed it is important to maintain your valve system to ensure that they work effectively when you need it!

The 3-step leak check Step 1: Ask people in your business not to use water while you do the test [...]