Get your $300-$500 Garden Tune Up Rebate

Wish you had the time to upgrade your garden to be water efficient? Let us do it for you.

On average, 57% of household water use in Darwin is on lawns and gardens. So if you want to save money and be water efficient, your irrigation is the best place to start.

Living Water Smart offers a $300 - $500 Garden Tune Up rebate, where local expert irrigators come to your home or business to tune up your irrigation, so you have the same great garden using less water.

The Garden Tune Up includes:

  • An in-garden consultation by a registered irrigation specialist*.
  • Review and adjustment of your current irrigation schedule.
  • Advice on irrigation equipment and smarter ways to use water in your garden.
  • Up to $50 of immediate quick and easy repairs such as fixing leak.

Garden Tune Ups are available to the residential, commercial and government sectors with the following eligibility conditions:

  • Currently have a programmable automatic irrigation system operating.
  • Be connected to the main Darwin region water supply.
  • Be able to access your property's water meter.
  • Have less than 5000m2 of irrigated area**.

Am I eligible for the $300 or the $500 rebate?

  • You are eligible for the $300 rebate if your irrigated area is less than 2000m2.
  • If your garden is more than 2000m2 in size, you are eligible for a $500 rebate and an irrigator will spend additional time at your property.

Will I need to pay anything?

The Garden Tune Up covers the irrigator’s call out fee and the costs associated with the services listed above (consultation, review and adjustment of your system, and expert advice). It also includes up to $50 worth of minor repairs. You don’t even need to ask to be reimbursed as the irrigator will invoice Living Water Smart directly.

If the irrigator detects a larger issue, they will discuss this with you, provide a quote and you will be responsible for the additional costs depending whether or not you would like to proceed.

I’m interested in the Garden Tune Up. What do I need to do?

All you need to do is view our list of registered irrigators, choose your preferred supplier and arrange an appointment.*

*Must be one of Living Water Smart’s registered irrigators to receive the rebate.

**If you have more than 5000m2 of irrigated area, please get in touch with Living Water Smart directly.

Many people think that Darwin has an endless supply of water, but this is a myth. We are currently using more water than can be captured and supplied in the long term.

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