What’s the weather doing in your suburb? 

The Weather Web provides you with neighbourhood weather data in your suburb or one nearby, rather than information from a weather station that may be a long distance from you. The Weather Web is made up of forty weather stations spread across the Darwin region which measure temperature, humidity, pressure, evaporation, rainfall, and wind.

The weather stations, installed by Living Water Smart, were placed on school rooftops as schools are well dispersed throughout greater Darwin providing a reasonably even coverage for each suburb. 

The Weather Web will help you make informed decisions about how much to water your garden so it is not being overwatered and to help you save up to 50% on your water bill.   

As a general guide to keep your garden healthy, we recommend:

  • In the dry season stick to the 3, 2, 1 guide to watering -  three days a week for lawn, two days a week for exotics such as fruit trees and palms, and one day a week or less for natives such as acacias, grevilleas and eucalypts. 
  • You give your lawn and plants about 10 mm of water each time you irrigate and just 30 mm of water over a week.

If you water your garden manually, pay attention to the rainfall in your suburb to help you decide when to water.  You can save your suburb's weather to your homescreen and may want to consider installing a standard or smart irrigation system - it will save you even more water and money!

If you have a standard irrigation controller you can manually adjust your irrigation (turning it on or off) based on the amount of rain your suburb has received. Perhaps consider upgrading your system to be smart!

If you have a smart irrigation controller, connect it to the Weather Web so that it will automatically adjust  your irrigation based on the weather in your suburb and a pre-programmed set of weather triggers that tell the irrigation system to turn up or down or even on or off. 

Go to the Weather Web and search for your suburb, using either the interactive map or the search bar, to find out how much rain you suburb has had and therefore whether you need to turn your irrigation on or off - it's as simple as that!

An online tool that provide a fantastic resource of localised weather data, helping you to make smart decisions about efficient watering in the garden, based on the rainfall in your suburb.