We love being in the outdoors with Killarney Homes

Meet Michael from Killarney Homes...

The easy access to fishing and camping right at your doorstep has kept Michael here in Darwin for the past 20 years.  He has been in the landscaping game for over 15 of those years and is an expert in design and construction. Saving the customer money by reducing waste, wherever that may be in the home, is the favourite part of what he does.

“We are builders, who love building homes and landscapes. Water management is an essential part of both”.

And when we asked him why he chose landscaping and irrigation as career of choice:  “we love being in the outdoors, simple as that”!

Michael’s seasonal tips to a better garden:

What is your favourite plant and why?

Citrus trees, great all year round. 

What is your best tip for a water efficient garden in the dry season?

Most gardens can do with a reduction of frequency in their watering, and an increase in the period when it is watered. You’ll save water in the long run, and the garden will get proper watering.

What is your best tip for a water efficient garden in the build up?

Avoid watering until late in the night or early morning to minimise evaporation. 

What is your best tip for the garden in the wet season?

Let the monsoon do it's job and don’t worry about the sprinklers too much!

Fun fact about your team?

We’ve completed over 700 projects in Darwin - nearly all residential.

Name one item on your bucket list?

Building a self-sufficient home, including the gardens, power and water, that can work in a suburban environment happily and can be re-produced easily. 

Anything extra you would like to add about gardens that you think could benefit the community?

If you need tips listen to the gardening show on the ABC on the weekends, it is great. Otherwise find the best garden in your street and your neighbour how they are doing it!

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