Why should I save water at my business?

Many people think that Darwin has an endless supply of water, but this is a myth.  We are currently using more water than can be captured and supplied in the long term.  As development in our city grows, there is an increased demand for water.  We also never know how much rain we will get from year to year, putting pressure on our water supply at Darwin River Dam.

Living Water Smart is working with Darwin businesses to reduce water use in a sustainable and achievable way.  And of course by saving water you can also save money to improve your bottom line!  On average leaks and irrigation make up about 70% of your water bill.  By just focusing on these two areas you could potentially reduce your water bill by 30%.

It's great for businesses however to delve even further and develop sustainable water efficiency strategies that will not only help you save money, but can also contribute to important sustainability goals and targets.  Consider how sustainability strategies can help your competitive positioning in your industry, funding applications, award submissions and eco-accreditation.  

Here’s some ways that Living Water Smart can help:

Water Use Health Checks

Any commercial operation, business, government or not for profit organisation in the Darwin region is eligible for a free Water Use Health Check which includes:

  • An analysis of your water use in real time.
  • A breakdown of your water use by key areas in your business including irrigation, leaks and general use.
  • A quantified weekly cost for each water use area.
  • Easy actions to help you save. We’ll also let you know if you’re eligible for any Living Water Smart rebates.

Contact us to book your Water Use Health Check.

Garden Tune Up Rebate

Over watering is a common problem in Darwin as many people believe that to have a vibrant healthy garden you need to water every day. This is not the case. Find out how much water you garden really needs here.  Furthermore, the heat and harsh climate conditions here in the Top End mean that irrigation systems can have split pipes, sprinkler heads missing, exploded drippers or any number of other problems.  It’s therefore a great idea to have an experienced irrigator to your property for a Garden Tune Up

To access the Garden Tune Up rebate, you just need to book direct with one of our registered irrigation specialists and organise a time for them to visit your business.

*See eligibility conditions 

Water Efficiency Consultations for large businesses

Living Water Smart will work with eligible businesses, organisations and not for profit enterprises to provide a tailored solution including:

  • A Water Efficiency Consultation to identify potential water saving opportunities.
  • A Garden Irrigation Audit and report.
  • A Water Use Health Check to analyse water use in real time.
  • A comprehensive Water Management Plan.
  • Advice on current water efficient technologies and practices.

Contact us to book your Water Efficiency Consultation.

Have you thought about installing smart irrigation controllers?

Smart irrigation controllers can save business up to 10-15% on an already efficient irrigation schedule. These extra water savings are possible as smart controllers automatically adjust irrigation watering based on local weather conditions. Rather than just turning the system on for the Dry and off for the Wet, smart controllers also reduce irrigation over the shoulder seasons. They can even delay irrigation events if rain is forecast!

What's more, this automated process can save money through reduced labour costs involved with seasonally adjusting irrigation. This is particularly useful in the Top End where we can receive significant rainfall in the shoulder periods, between the Wet and the Dry.  By installation of a smart controller and routine inspection for leaks you can not only maintain this reduced running cost but potentially save a further 10-15%!

Leaks Leaks can cost a business thousands of dollars each year - and they are often invisible or [...]