Resident Water Champions - Carol Smith

The team from Living Water Smart often get to meet residents who have already been kicking goals in their quest to be water smart. In our eyes, they’re true ‘water heroes’. Carol Smith has a stunning garden and chooses water efficient native plants where she can. However it is the shade cloth over her pool that really impressed us, as she purposely installed it to reduce water evaporation! “I now only have to top up the pool a couple of times a week, instead of almost every day”, she says. 

The shade cloth will reduce evaporation from carol’s spa by approximately 60%. 

Note: A pool cover on the pool surface would cut evaporation by around 97%, however Carol didn’t feel comfortable having to remove a cover each time she used the spa. She also wished to keep the water temperature down with the shadecloth. It is important that water smart actions fit with your lifestyle and comfort levels.