Programming your irrigation controller

Irrigation controllers and tap timers are a great way to give your garden the water it needs when it needs it. But some irrigation controllers can be hard to program!

If you feel like this then why not get a free Garden Tune Up.  Living Water Smart’s Garden Tune Up provides a free garden irrigation audit by one of our registered irrigation experts which includes a seasonal water smart irrigation schedule for your garden. 

Consider installing a smart irrigation controller, which you can simply adjust using a smart phone or tablet.  

Once your irrigation is 'tuned up',  stay in control by learning a little about programming your controller - as small mistakes can lead to a lot of wasted water.  

Watch this video to learn how to correctly use your irrigation controller and ensure your plants get the water they needed without wastage.

For further information, including manuals for common controllers found in Darwin, visit what you need to know about irrigation systems.