Making sure the grass is always greener

Meet Rob from Greener Grass NT ...

If 56 years in Darwin doesn’t make you a local, we don’t know what does! Like most, it’s the relaxed and causal lifestyle and the enjoyment of the great outdoors that keeps Rob staying put.

It’s not the case of the grass is always greener on the other side, but that the grass is always greener where you water it.  And rob has been helping Darwin residents do exactly that in his ten plus years of been in the industry.  His area of expertise is problem solving and his favourite part of the job is

“meeting new people and the job satisfaction from happy customers”

Rob’s tips for making sure the grass is always greener:                      

What is your favourite plant and why?

Bromeliads, there’s no palm fronds to pick up!

What is your best tip for a water efficient garden in the dry season?

Adjust your irrigation to every second day.

What is your best tip for the garden in the wet season?

Only run your system once a fortnight to ensure it stays operational. 

If you weren’t being an expert irrigator what would you be doing?

Easy. Retired and fishing!

Fun fact (about yourself or the team)?

My family has banned me from using ladders.

Name one item on your bucket list?

To go on an African Safari (which I did earlier this year!)


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