Leak Find and Fix FAQs


What is Living Water Smart?

Living Water Smart is a Power and Water initiative aiming to help the Darwin community become water efficient whilst maintaining our unique lifestyle. 

Why do we need to be water smart in the Darwin region?

Many people think that Darwin has an endless supply of water, but this is a myth. We are currently using more water than can be captured and supplied in the long term.

How do I conduct the 3-Step Leak Check to look for leaks myself?

A meter leak check is an easy DIY test you can do at any time.

Aim to check for leaks regularly. Set yourself a reminder, such as when your bill arrives.

Make sure that there is no water being used in your home. Go to your water meter and watch for any movement on the dial. Smaller leaks will take longer to show. Did your meter move?

  • Yes.    Contact one of our registered plumbers and use our $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate.
  • No.      Fantastic! Check for leaks regularly to make sure it stays this way.
What signs should I look out for when trying to find the location of a leak?

You can be your own leak detective!

In the garden:

Check for wet patches and green spots (especially on your lawn). 


Check for dripping taps and shower heads. For toilets, add a few drops of food dye into the cistern and leave the toilet for one hour without flushing - if there is dye in the bowl you have a leak.
What if I find a leak?

Well done! There are a couple of actions you can take:

Try and find the location of the leak yourself (see our website for signs to look for). Take advantage of Living Water Smart’s $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate by using one of our registered plumbers.

If the leak is near the meter or service pipe, please contact Power and Water in the first instance on 1800 245 092.

If we determine the leak is a Power and Water issue we will arrange for the repairs. If it is on the customer side of the meter, it will be your responsibility to arrange for a plumber to attend and repair. From here you can contact one of our registered plumbing suppliers and claim the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate

What if I'm a tenant and I have a leak?

For leaks around the home or garden you should let your property manager/landlord know as soon as possible by following the ‘reporting of issues’ process identified in your tenancy agreement. After speaking with your landlord or property manager, and getting permission to go ahead, you can use our $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate  by using one of our registered plumbers.

If you are paying for water use at the property, it is in your best interest to get any leaks fixed as soon as possible as you are the person being charged for the water use.

About the Leak find and Fix rebate

What is included in the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate?

The $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate can be used for the following services:

  • Attendance (call out fee) by a registered plumbing supplier at your home to validate the presence of a leak, and the volume of water leaking.
  • Leak detection services to find the location of your leak (eg. in the irrigation, toilet, or an underground pipe etc).
  • If it is a quick and easy fix they will do so there and then.
  • If the leak fix will cost more than the rebate value the plumber will provide you a quote to fix it. You can choose to go ahead with the fix from our plumbing partner, or use your own plumber.
Can I use any plumber to find and fix my leak?

No. Living Water Smart is working with Darwin plumbing suppliers that have applied to be part of the program and meet Living Water Smart’s water efficiency criteria.

If the cost to fix your leak exceeds the $200 rebate available through our registered plumbers, they will provide you with a quote for the cost of repairs. From here, you can then decide if you would like to proceed with the registered plumber, or if you would like your own plumber to undertake works.

Will I have to pay the plumber for the $200 rebate when they come to check for leaks?

No. This cost is covered by Living Water Smart if you use one of our registered plumbers. You will only have to pay if you go ahead with any quoted costs outside of the $200 rebate to get your leak fixed.

Can I use the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate for parts that I install myself?

No. The plumbing voucher is designed for our registered plumbing suppliers to find and fix a leak. It is not designed for individual parts.

Do I have to provide Living Water Smart with details about my leak?

Yes. In order to be eligible to claim the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate, customers must accept the below terms and conditions:

I agree to Living Water Smart's registered plumber collecting information about my leak. I agree to this information being provided to Living Water Smart. I agree to Living Water Smart contacting me about the information provided and the result of the leak check.

More information

Where can I find more information about the Living Water Smart Leak Program?

Visit 'Get your $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate' or phone Living Water Smart on (08) 8995 5861.

For Plumbers

Can my existing customers take part in the Leak Check Program and access the rebate?

Yes they can! If you are a registered plumbing supplier you are welcome to tell your customers about the Leak Check Program and the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate.

If a customer has contacted you with a suspected leak and you have validated the leaks presence and volume, and the customer accepts the terms and conditions of the rebate, they can claim the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate.

How do I get paid for my services to conduct the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate?

Living Water Smart will pay registered plumbers $200 for carrying out eligible services as part of the Leak Find and Fix rebate. The rebate is GST inclusive and includes the call out fee, meter reading, and approximately 30 mins of leak identification, repair and reporting.

To receive payment, suppliers must submit the following (weekly or monthly):

Completed Residential Leak Check Report (using the provided application). Signed customer registration form. A tax invoice made out to Power and Water. A copy of the tax invoice provided to the customer with Living Water Smart’s rebate itemised. The transaction receipt for $200.

I am interested in becoming a registered supplier for the proposed Leak Check Program. What do I need to do?

Visit 'How to become a Living Water Smart supplier'.


Many people think that Darwin has an endless supply of water, but this is a myth. We are currently using more water than can be captured and supplied in the long term.