A guide to popular irrigation controllers

HydrawiseHunter Hydrawise

   The Hunter Hydrawise is one of many smart irrigation controllers on the market. The Hydrawise system automatically adjusts your watering based on accurate local    weather data. The system can be tailored to your needs by entering your watering run times and landscaping parameters. As the weather changes, your irrigation will then update and apply the precise amount of water required to your garden.Easy.

The Hydrawise controller is fitted with touchscreen interface and is controlled via an app on your smart phone or device so you can monitor your irrigation remotely. Controllers are available for residential and commercial use and requires internet access to source climate information.

Flow monitoring is recorded through the optional flow meter giving you increased information about how much water each zone is using and alerting you when high flows such as water leaks occur.  

Galcon 7000Galcon 7000 series

The Galcon 7000 series is a user friendly, battery operated, 1 to 3 station automatic controller suited for small scale landscape applications. Single station controllers can be fitted to your garden tap or the multi-station controllers are completely water proof and suitable for in-ground installation.


The latest line in this series of controllers has Bluetooth capabilities which enable control through an app on your smartphone or tablet. The customisable controller settings are easy to set and can sync to multiple Galcon 7000 series controllers.


By using the app it means you no longer need to head out in the rain to turn off your irrigation or search for hidden controllers under plants.



Toro DCCToro DCC series

This popular battery operated controller is installed in many homes across the Darwin region. The Toro DCC series controller is the next step from an automated tap timer control and comes with more features making it suitable for residential and commercial use.

This controller is available in 4, 6 or 8 station options and features a range of functions enabling better irrigation system control such as independent programmable multiple run times per station, seasonal watering adjustments of 0-200% and the ability to connect to rain sensor technology.


This controller is also available in the DDC WP series which is a rugged waterproof model perfect for installation in unprotected areas or in-ground.



Hunter X-CoreHunter X-Core 


You’d be hard pressed to find someone in the Darwin region who hasn’t seen or installed one of these at their home. Controlling up to 8 stations with 3 programs and 4 start times the Hunter X-Core caters for a range of users and applications with its easy to use features.


Connected to mains power supply and fitted with a backup battery the controller also comes as an outdoor option with a heavy duty lockable cover to eliminate exposure to moisture and UV damage.


With features such as seasonal watering adjustments, programmable rain delay and the ability to connect to a range of climate sensors, it’s easy to see why this controller is so popular.



Irritrol Rain Dial RIrritrol Rain Dial R series


A controller better suited to commercial landscape use the Rain Dial R controller is packed with features but   remains user friendly. The Rain Dial R controls up to 12 stations with 3 programs and 3 start times allowing flexibility to meet the needs of a wide variety of landscape applications.


The latest features of this controller include wireless weather sensing technology compatible with optional accessories such as rain and soil moisture sensors. The outdoor model is also fitted with a lockable weather resistant cover and features electrical surge protection, great for those Top End storms.