Get your leak fixed with our $200 rebate

If you’ve found a leak in your home, it pays not to overlook it. Using Living Water Smart’s Leak Find and Fix rebate, you can contact one of our registered plumbers to check out the leak and, if it costs less than $200 to fix, you won’t have to pay anything towards it.

What’s included in the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate?

  • Attendance (call out fee) by one of our registered plumbers at your home for 30 minutes to validate the presence of a leak, and the volume of water leaking.
  • Leak detection services to find the location of your leak (e.g. in the irrigation, toilet, or an underground pipe etc).
  • If it’s a quick and easy fix, the plumber will fix it there and then.
  • If the leak will cost more than the $200 rebate value to fix, the plumber will provide you with a quote before commencing work.

How much will you save on average by fixing the leak?

Our research tells us that one in eight Darwin homes have a leak wasting an average of $1000 a year.

I’d like to get my leak fixed using the $200 rebate. What do I need to do?

View our list of registered plumbers*, call your preferred supplier and arrange an appointment. It really is that simple. You don’t even need to ask to be reimbursed as the plumber will invoice Living Water Smart directly.

The last day plumbers can provide leak find and fix services under the rebate scheme is Monday 30 April at 5pm. If you would like to use the rebate prior to this date, make sure you contact a registered plumber* with ample time for them to complete your job. Any leak repair provided after this date will not be eligible for a rebate from Power and Water Corporation.

*You must have your leak repaired by a Living Water Smart registered plumber to receive the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate.

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