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Save money off your bottom line

18 November 2016


Save money off your bottom line:

Living Water Smart, an initiative of Power and Water, has launched two new business initiatives aimed at helping Darwin businesses and not-for-profit organisations save water and ultimately, money off their bottom line.

Jacqui O’Neill, Senior Manager of the Living Water Smart program said water consumption in the Darwin commercial and industrial sector comprises approximately 25% of Darwin’s water use.

“Our new initiatives help businesses find ways to save water and money, so they can concentrate on getting on with business,” Jacqui said.

“Sometimes it’s the simple things that we find that can save the most, like hidden leaks or irrigation systems, which make up the highest water use areas.

“Every business we have worked with so far had water savings identified. A saving of 10% is very easy through simple leak repair and minor irrigation tweaks, and some businesses can save much more than that.

“Every local business can play their part in making Darwin water smart.”


A Water Use Health Check will be offered to businesses who express an interest in reducing water use but who use less than 20 mega litres per annum.

The Living Water Smart team will install a logger on the participants’ water meter for a period of two weeks and generate a short report showing how much water is being used weekly for irrigation, leaks and regular use.

Where appropriate, the relevant applicable rebate will be highlighted such as the Leak Find and Fix rebate or a commercial Garden Tune Up.


Water Efficiency Consultations, Water Management Plans and Rebates are available for eligible businesses and organisations that use more than 20 mega litres per annum.

Rebates are available of up to $10,000, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, for eligible water saving products and services.

Approved funding can be used for a variety of water saving initiatives including irrigation, plumbing and water efficient infrastructure purchase and installation.

Living Water Smart aims to reduce water use in the Commercial sector by 600 mega litres over the next two years by working with Darwin businesses to change behaviours around water use.