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Garden and Outdoors

In the Top End, people use almost three times as much water as those living in other Australian capital cities. That makes us some of the biggest water users in Australia.
With increasing populations and climate change variability, now is the time for people to start thinking about conserving water by using it more efficiently.

Up to 70% of our water use is outside the house, mostly in gardens.

The garden is a great place to start saving water. Being water smart in the garden doesn’t mean you have to compromise on having  a tropical outdoor lifestyle.
In fact, if you follow these tips, your garden could become more resilient to our wild weather and look better than ever.

Garden Design

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How you design your garden will have a big impact on how water smart it is, as well as the general wellbeing of your plants....

Garden Watering Planner

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Living Water Smart's Garden Watering Planner is now available!Most of our precious water in the Darwin region is used...

Irrigation Scheduling

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Adjust your irrigation for the seasons. Wet Season (December to March) In the wet season, there is really only one...

Irrigation Controllers

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Irrigation controllers and tap timers are a great way to give your garden the water it needs when it needs it. Some irrigation...


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Pools can account for nearly one fifth of a household's water use in the Darwin region. Some pool water evaporates, some leaks...