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Business Rebates and Services

Living Water Smart offers Darwin businesses rebates and assistance to help you save water and ultimately, money off your bottom line - so you can concentrate on getting on with business!

Water consumption in the Darwin commercial and industrial sector comprises approximately 25% of Darwin’s water use.

Often it’s the simple things that can save the most, like hidden leaks or irrigation systems (if you have a garden area), which make up the highest water use areas in businesses.

Every business that Living Water Smart has worked with so far has been able to identify areas to save water. A saving of 10% is very easy through simple leak repair and minor irrigation tweaks, and some businesses can save much more than that.

Every local business can play their part in making Darwin water smart. Find out some practical tips to get you started on saving water in your business. 

Check out the short videos below to find out how some Darwin businesses have saved water and thousands of dollars of their water bill.


The following rebates and services are available for Darwin businesses

Water Use Health Checks

Water Use Health Checks are available to businesses who use less than 20 megalitres of water per year. If you are unsure how much water you use per year, contact us to find out.

The Living Water Smart team will install a data logger on the water meter for a period of two weeks to measure water use in real time. You will receive a short report showing how much water is being used weekly for irrigation, leaks and regular use, and how much it is costing you.

Where appropriate, a Leak Find and Fix rebate or a commercial Garden Tune Up rebate will be available.

Register for a Water Use Health Check

Download the Water Use Health Check fact sheet

Water Efficiency Consultations and Rebates for Large Businesses

Living Water Smart can provide eligible businesses, organisations and not for profit enterprises a tailored solution including:

  • A Water Efficiency Consultation to identify potential water saving opportunities.
  • A Garden Irrigation Audit and report.
  • A Water Use Health Check to analyse water use in real time (via a data logger on your water meter).
  • A comprehensive Water Management Plan.
  • Advice on current water efficient technologies and practices.
  • Rebates and funding up to $10,000 on a dollar-for-dollar basis to help save water.

The funding can be used for a variety of water saving products and services including:

  • Irrigation equipment upgrades
  • Plumbing, leak detection and repair works
  • Water efficient infrastructure purchases and/or installation

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for a Water Efficiency Consultation and Rebate your business must meet the following criteria:

  • Be located in the Darwin region and connected to the town water supply.
  • Have an ABN, an annual turnover of over $75,000 and actively operating in the NT.
  • Use at least 20 megalitres of water per year (Living Water Smart can let you know your water use on enquiry). For organisations that use less than 20 megalitres Living Water Smart can provide a Water Use Health Check.
  • As a Water Smart Champion, be available to participate in potential public promotion.

Register for a Water Efficiency Consultation, rebate or any other service listed above

Download the Water Efficiency Consultations and Rebates fact sheet