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Garden Tune Up

Save money, fix leaks and get a water efficient irrigations schedule for your home or business.

On average, 50% of all water use in Darwin is used on lawns and gardens, so if you want to save money and be water efficient, your irrigation is the best place to start.

Living Water Smart now offers a Garden Tune Up rebate where local expert irrigators come to your home or business to tune up your irrigation so you have the same great garden using less water. Contact one of our registered irrigation specialists directly to register for a Garden Tune Up.

The Garden Tune Up includes:

  • An in garden consultation by a registered irrigation specialist
  • Review and adjustment of your current irrigation schedule
  • Advice on irrigation equipment and smarter ways to use water in your garden
  • Up to $50 of immediate quick and easy repairs such as fixing leaks

Garden Tune Ups are available to the residential, commercial and government sectors with the following eligibility conditions:

  • Currently have a programmable automatic irrigation system operating
  • Be connected to the main Darwin region water supply
  • Be able to acces your property's water meter
  • Have less than 5000m2 of irrigated area*

* If you have more than 5000m2 or irrigated area please get in touch with Living Water Smart directly.