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Living Water Smart Rebate Scheme

$300-$500 Garden Tune Up Rebate

Save money, fix irrigation leaks and get a water efficient irrigation schedule for your home or business. On average, 50% of all water use in Darwin is used on lawns and gardens, so if you want to save money and be water efficient, your irrigation is the best place to start.

Living Water Smart offers a Garden Tune Up rebate where a local expert irrigator can come to your home or business to tune up your irrigation so you have the same great garden, using less water. Contact one of our registered irrigation specialists directly to register for a Garden Tune Up.

What is included in the Garden Tune Up rebate?

  • An in garden consultation by a registered irrigation specialist
  • Review and adjustment of your current irrigation schedule
  • Advice on irrigation equipment and smarter ways to use water in your garden
  • Up to $50 of immediate quick and easy repairs such as fixing leaks

To use our Garden Tune Up rebate contact one of our registered plumbers.

For more information please see our frequently asked questions.


If you have a suspected leak it makes sense to find and fix it so you stop wasting your water and potentially reduce your water bill. 

By utilising our rebate, you can have one of our registered plumber’s help you find your leak and calculate how much water is being wasted.

What is included in the $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate?

  • Attendance (call out fee) by one of our registered plumbers at your home for 30 minutes to validate the presence of a leak, and the volume of water leaking.
  • Leak detection services to find the location of your leak (e.g. In the irrigation, toilet, or an underground pipe etc.).
  • If it is a quick and easy fix the plumber will do so there and then.
  • If the leak will cost more than the $200 rebate value to fix, the plumber will provide you a quote before commencing work.

To use our $200 rebate contact one of our registered plumbers.

For more information, please see our frequently asked questions.

Water Use Health Checks for Large Businesses

Living Water Smart can provide eligible businesses, organisations and not for profit enterprises a tailored solution including:

  • A Water Efficiency Consultation to identify potential water saving opportunities.
  • A Garden Irrigation Audit and report.
  • A Water Use Health Check to analyse water use in real time (via a data logger on your water meter).
  • Advice on current water efficient technologies and practices.

The funding can be used for a variety of water saving products and services including:

  • Irrigation equipment upgrades
  • Plumbing, leak detection and repair works
  • Water efficient infrastructure purchases and/or installation

To find out if your business is eligible, visit our Business Rebates and Services page.