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After conducting 600 water efficiency consultations in Darwin homes, Living Water Smart has found that around 1 in 8 Darwin homes has a leak. Leaks found are wasting around 500 000 litres or $1000 per year. That's enough water to fill an average three bedroom home or 2 635 large wheelie bins of water! Finding and fixing leaks is a great opportunity to save money and for the community to work together to help the Darwin region save water.

Between January 2017 and June 2018, Living Water Smart Leak Checkers will be conducting quick leak checks on residential water meters. Residents will be notified whether or not they may have a leak via a card left in the letterbox. If a potential leak is detected, the card will explain how to take advantage of the new $200 Leak Find and Fix rebate to help check, locate or fix a leak.

But don’t wait for us to come to you! You can conduct your own 3-Step Leak Check in only 5 minutes, it’s easy!